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last night, our dogs got out. i caught mac right away, but no one has seen trin. if you anyone can help, we would be eternally grateful. here is a pdf you anyone can print off and hang wherever you see fit. thanks in advance for anyone willing to help.  we’re kind of in panic […]

going back home


i think by now we’ve told everyone important, so this is for the rest. sarah and i have decided to quit going to imago and rejoin northwoods. there, i said it. it wasn’t an easy decision, but we feel God is calling us there and that we can do a lot of good at the […]

here’s one thing i’ve learned about myself so far… one way i learn is by process of elimination.  i have to make a decision on what shoes to buy, and nothing really jumps out at me, so i just buy the ones i hate the least. i eliminate the ugly ones and pick ones i […]

I never thought I would be sitting here, at the civic center, next to my mom, waiting for tso to play and hear the guy behind me say, “when we were here for tool…” I guess they aren’t your father’s orchestra.

pizza works


I think pizza works in the heights is the best resturaunt in Peoria. I think the chapman clan might come here every Friday.

i quit


sorry imago, i’ve already found a new church.