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i love it when a film i love has an actor whose character, role, and performance i loved that says things in real life that i love. here’s a real life quote from real life old guy, hal holbrook; Most everybody today that’s young is operating under the insane idea that what we’ve got going […]



excerpt from jon krakauer’s into the wild: all that held me to the mountainside, all that held me to the world, were two thin spikes of chrome molybdenum stuck half an inch into a smear of frozen water, yet the higher i climbed, the more comfortable i became.  early on a difficult climb, especially a […]

sarah and i watched pulp fiction this weekend. it was sarah’s first time. we ended up having a 45 minute long conversation in wendy’s about who’s good and who’s bad and why it’s out of order. this was all without even questioning, “what’s in the briefcase?” that’s when i realized; i make judgements on people’s […]