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this guy attempted to walk from china to germany. i’m gonna go ahead an ruin it for you…he doesn’t make it. As you might know from the video or from the blog, I did walk about one third of the initial way, from November 9th 2001 (my 26th birthday) until October 27th 2008. Then I […]

with all this summit for someone stuff going on, it’s easy for me to get distracted. in fact, i’ve almost all but forgot about the wolfman. sarah just asked me about it today, and oddly enough, i had just checked the website yesterday.  2010 registration isn’t available yet, but they do have the 2009 pix […]

new life goal


own a home where you don’t need privacy glass in your bathroom. example below these were taken from the throne in my aunt and uncle’s house on the outskirts of chilicothe. also, they have good mud there.  i got to sling some on my half brother’s girlfriend’s wrangler. it was a good christmas. happy new […]

two days ago sarah and i drove to the top of pike’s peak. with the top down. i would show you some pictures, but they’re all on a camera and not on my sister-in-law’s computer, so that will have to wait. tomorrow morning, we leave for rocky mountain national park to get permits for “backcountry […]