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we got facespaces!!! sarah and i hopped onboard and got social.  (although, i gotta say,  it’s only fake social.  we don’t want to actually be social with people). here’s the deal, though…  i’m being picky about my friends. i stick to two pretty simple rules about friending people 1.  i haven’t friended any females that i am not […]

riddle me this


how come i take a picture with a circular lens, but all my pictures come out square?

whyyyyyyyyyy? my google reader just randomly changed to list view while i was reading it a minute ago. and when i switched back to expanded view…  “ALL ITEMS HAVE BEEN MARKED AS READ.” what??????????????????  i didn’t say to do that! good thing everything is in beta.  this needs work! this reminds me of a movie […]

is it just me, or did everything in google get way tiny a few months ago? i adjust my preferences so everything in google reader/gmail is normal sized font, but then everything else looks like it’s for the visually impaired. is anyone else experiencing this, or is it just time for new contacts?

it’s been a while since i saw a tv shopping offer that didn’t have a website plastered all over it.

remember nintendo games?  not the part you saw on tv, not the visual/audio interaction…  the actual cartridges.  remember those? they weren’t discs.  most of their appearance was that nintendo gray color that somehow excited 12 year old boys worldwide into a frenzy every christmas.  (although, some games were colored…  i remember being blown away just […]