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with all this summit for someone stuff going on, it’s easy for me to get distracted. in fact, i’ve almost all but forgot about the wolfman. sarah just asked me about it today, and oddly enough, i had just checked the website yesterday.  2010 registration isn’t available yet, but they do have the 2009 pix […]

early registration is officially over for the 2010 summit for someone climbs.  it kind of snuck up on me, and i didn’t make it to my $1000 goal. …yet. here’s where i stand now. i am on a layaway plan.  their description is this: “This option is best if you don’t want to put down […]

big news with summit for someone. they have decided on the climbs for their 2010 season. check ’em out here. i’m thinking up a way i can bid my decision out…maybe whoever donates the largest amount in the next two weeks gets to decide which climb i do? hmmm…sounds like fun to me. make a […]

a visual


one of the questions i get asked the most since i announced my summit for someone goals is, “so…what will you be doing?”  i’ve likened summit for someone to running a marathon and raising money for a charity, but pretty much everyone knows what a marathon looks like.  but climbing a mountain?  what’s that look […]

i’ve got an SFS page now! the pre-season application went through, and i can now accept donations! check it out! this is pretty exciting.  it’s really starting to feel like it’s taking off after dreaming about it for so long. it feels good to be part of something that will help hundreds of kids get […]



as with anything in life, there are going to be hurdles and speedbumps and potholes and other cliche’ things that get in your path that want to trip you up. the summit for someone path is going to have quite a few.  i can tell already. right now, it’s mostly paperwork hurdles.  the pre-application wasn’t […]