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the phrase is “fist bump.” that’s a crucial second word. Advertisements

i saw this homemade wonderpiece on how to avoid the bummer life. and added it to my rss right away.

everyone have fun voting for your favorite politician celebrity today!

but that’s no reason to trust them. i saw this video in dave’s shared items: i have to say, it’s got to be the fairest assesment of any politician i’ve seen yet. obama lovers seem to be go past supportive and right into cultish when it comes to their choice of a leader. mccain supports […]

they can’t add.



i’m not political. i’m not going to pretend to be. but i do know a bad commercial when i see one… this ad seems to be more pro obama than it does pro mccain. how is this supposed to portray obama in a bad light?  that IS what politicians do, isn’t it???