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hello, old blog


i’ve been pre-occupied with facebook and neglecting the blog (and twitter, but i never used to update my twitter anyway). but now i think i have a use for this thing again. …maybe. let me start at the beginning… last month, i started a workout routine.  it consists of running one day, biking the next, […]

we got facespaces!!! sarah and i hopped onboard and got social.  (although, i gotta say,  it’s only fake social.  we don’t want to actually be social with people). here’s the deal, though…  i’m being picky about my friends. i stick to two pretty simple rules about friending people 1.  i haven’t friended any females that i am not […]

going back home


i think by now we’ve told everyone important, so this is for the rest. sarah and i have decided to quit going to imago and rejoin northwoods. there, i said it. it wasn’t an easy decision, but we feel God is calling us there and that we can do a lot of good at the […]

here’s one thing i’ve learned about myself so far… one way i learn is by process of elimination.  i have to make a decision on what shoes to buy, and nothing really jumps out at me, so i just buy the ones i hate the least. i eliminate the ugly ones and pick ones i […]

that last post sort of focused on some bad advice. let’s shift gears and focus on the positive more. i’ve gotten a little more focus in life about what to do for a career.  a little. i’ve finally swallowed my pride and admitted to myself that my sole purpose in life isn’t to be a […]

this blog was intended to help me think through where i’m taking things in my life. namely, my career.  and what i’m learning. it started off with me thinking i wanted to work for a church. then someone told me he never though i was really the church type because of my frustrations with the […]

the potters are having a girl! one more daughter and you can take photos like this!