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gone fishin’


class starts back up on monday.  i haven’t really been able to get out there and do much because of the fire at my mom’s house.  it takes a lot of time to catalog and pack up an entire house of charred remains. so i’m taking a day off work and using good friday to get […]

a visual


one of the questions i get asked the most since i announced my summit for someone goals is, “so…what will you be doing?”  i’ve likened summit for someone to running a marathon and raising money for a charity, but pretty much everyone knows what a marathon looks like.  but climbing a mountain?  what’s that look […]

hello, old blog


i’ve been pre-occupied with facebook and neglecting the blog (and twitter, but i never used to update my twitter anyway). but now i think i have a use for this thing again. …maybe. let me start at the beginning… last month, i started a workout routine.  it consists of running one day, biking the next, […]

i instantly want to read this book by this author after reading this review on this blog that i read via this rss reader. i especially wanted to read the book after reading this excerpt: I would like it known that I am not an ‘idiot.’ I am a person who suffers from idiocy. Nobody […]

lent update


real quick, i’ve learned two things about lent this year. 1.  it needs to be prepared for.  it deserves to be prepared for. 2.  i shoulda given up steep and cheap instead of the snooze.

whatever you call them, national geographic has a series of them from our national parks. check ’em out. pick your favorite, or if you have a mac, sport as many of them as you want!

solo climbing


not silo climbing.  that’s different. solo climbing is climbing without a rope. this isn’t solo climbing (watch the video), even though it doesn’t use ropes. i’m pretty sure that was invented by climbers as a joke about their non-climbing friends. anybody remember soaps? anybody admit to ever owning a pair of soaps?