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wow. angel says all this is vegan. and i believe her. you should, too. Advertisements

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well, well, well… look who’s blogging now! subscribe, read, comment. in that order. go here.

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this was too good to simply click “share.” check out the av club blog for this cool post entitled “One reason to keep Windows.” it gets crazy a few seconds into it.  almost to the point of becoming unbelievable.  but just watch until the end. it might just be the real deal. just easy to […]

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tony morgan has a great post (i find myself saying this a lot). A friend of mine mentioned recently that he’s frustrated when he goes into new church environments because, rather than just experiencing the worship and teaching, he always finds himself critiquing the teacher, the music, the facility and everything else. Do you know […]

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i stumbled across a cool blog recently. check out they seem pretty n00b-friendly. this is the post, entitled copyright, images and the church that made me decide they were worth my rss while. thanks, creativeinfusion!

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kent shaffer had some good points to remember for aspiring graphic designers/communicators: People know it is wrong to judge a book by its cover, but they still do. People know it is wrong to categorize by stereotypes, but they still do that too. By human nature, we are wired to judge things by their appearance. […]

i’ve heard someone describe himself as a “church nerd.” i imagine a lot of people in the room weren’t quite sure what that meant. it was a pastor calling himself that so there were probably a few “duhs” thrown around in there. but i heard that and thought, “i wonder if he wants to trade […]