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lent update


real quick, i’ve learned two things about lent this year. 1.  it needs to be prepared for.  it deserves to be prepared for. 2.  i shoulda given up steep and cheap instead of the snooze. Advertisements

lent v2.0


a year ago tomorrow, i attempted to participate in lent for the first time.  i tried to give up satisfaction.  immediate satisfaction, to be specific. if i wanted a snickers bar, i’d wait.  i would deny myself the snickers. …then i’d usually buy it 30 minutes later. it sucked.  there’s really no metric you can put […]

well, this just about sums it up. it’s pretty propaganda-ish at points, but the overall statement is great. here’s what i’m taking away from the quick 20 minutes i invested in this vid: i don’t ultimately pay for the good deals i get. 1% is still in product or use after their date of sale […]

lent update


i was documenting my lent experience here on this blog. but i’m changing that. i decided rather than doing two blogs about it half-way, i’d do one as best i can. check out the imago lent blog here. i’m posting with vicky and charlie so far. i’ve got some pictures of an official lent dinner […]

i didn’t see anyone with dirt on their forehead.  but that doesn’t mean anything.  i didn’t put burnt palms on my forehead, either. the first thing i learned about denying myself instant gratification was about prayer. how many times do we pray about something, wait a minute, then decide on our own what to do?  […]

tis the season


the lenten season. and finally, it means more than giving up chocolate. i’m not going to go into all of lent.  if you’re reading this, you can just use the google feature on your internet machine to find a wiki entry on lent. or you could just click this to find out. this  year, sarah […]