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know what today is? it’s the day after the winter solstice. know what’s so special about that? it means yesterday was the shortest day of the year.  not in the sense that there was less than 24 hours in the day.  there was just less daylight.  so since yesterday had the smallest amount of sunlight […]

how appropriate


my friend’s sister and brother-in-law are involved in a new company. eco achievers if you want to learn about eco friendly things, they’ll teach you. i just got their launch e-mail today, on earth day. go check ’em out.

if i called someone “plastic,” i’d be calling him/her fake. also, plastic is actually made of cancer. now, if you want some real stats on plastic, read megan’s post. i recently discovered how awesome the national geographic channel is.  it’s a shame my time is limited with nat geo.  i’ll miss it once we get […]