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going back home


i think by now we’ve told everyone important, so this is for the rest. sarah and i have decided to quit going to imago and rejoin northwoods. there, i said it. it wasn’t an easy decision, but we feel God is calling us there and that we can do a lot of good at the […]



this blog was intended to help me think through where i’m taking things in my life. namely, my career.  and what i’m learning. it started off with me thinking i wanted to work for a church. then someone told me he never though i was really the church type because of my frustrations with the […]



i meant to do this days ago.  it’s an idea i had in church last weekend.  i want to try to recap what i heard and try to follow after this passage i worked my vows around when sarah and i got married. here we go… this past week charlie talked about some greek gods […]

broken bone?


set it with a podcast!  it lets your friends sign your leg and gives you an excuse to carry a sharpie. i’ve been listening to podcasts lately at work. so far, the line up is pretty short: imago dei mars hill npr: this american life meet the author here’s what i’ve noticed so far… the non church ones keep […]

it’s time…


good message, but cheesey approach.   does this guy really think the thieves that stole from him are going to give him 3 minutes and 44 seconds?  it’s probably more like 3 seconds.   that video should have been cut short.  if i’m theivin’ a trailer full of bibles, i’m not listening to an emo […]

i quit


sorry imago, i’ve already found a new church.