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oh, btw…


happy april fools day. see how foolish? read it again. now does that seriously sound like us? come on. if you’ll notice, one of the tag’s is afd – April Fools Day. now you’ve got 364 days to get me back. start cookin’ one up. Advertisements

pizza works


I think pizza works in the heights is the best resturaunt in Peoria. I think the chapman clan might come here every Friday.

when I grow up and get a real job, I don’t ever want to sit in boring meetings about record accuracy and inventory management. if you have to have a meeting with a couple thousand people, don’t make it so specific it only applies to 20% of the people in the room.

annoying app


here’s something annoying about apps… every time one updates, it gets moved to the first home screen. so if you’re anal like me, you have to move them to the “right” spot after each update. also, the wordpress app updated and lost all my blog info so I had to set it all up again […]



i just stepped in gum. in my own house. and we don’t even have kids!

starting every tuesday from 6-8 PM, you can catch me here attempting stuff like this… i’m sort of scared, but mostly excited. and, i’d mostly scared of wearing a helmet someone else has already sweated in. grody. i hope i don’t catch male-patterned baldness.

and none of you who have seen me would ever have guessed. this is what it looked like. Bedroom Weightlifter Mom always said, “Don`t lift weights in the house.“