thank you, sir, may i have some more?


know what today is?

it’s the day after the winter solstice.

know what’s so special about that?

it means yesterday was the shortest day of the year.  not in the sense that there was less than 24 hours in the day.  there was just less daylight.  so since yesterday had the smallest amount of sunlight in it, that means today has more sunlight than yesterday.  and tomorrow will have more sunlight than today.  can i get an AMEN?!?!?

we are officially past midwinter.

might as well get out there and enjoy the snow while we still have some.  the sun might still be setting at 4:30, but before you know it, we’ll be complaining about mosquitoes and cutting the grass.

here’s a list of things you can do this winter, just off the top of my head:

ice climbing
cross-country skiing
downhill skiing
telemark skiing
build a snowman
build a snow shelter
harvest snow (get creative. use it to do your dishes, wash your hair, water your indoor plants, feed it to your dog, mix it with vinegar to clean)
making snow angels

and don’t forget the winter olympics (which actually start two weeks before winter officially ends in the US). the olympic bug has bitten me already. i can’t wait for bobsledding and ski jumps!

and if you haven’t been bitten yet, try watching this vid without getting just a little stoked.  great footage, moving music – all the fixings of an inspiring video.

merry christmas to everyone.  i hope you all make the most of the year to come.


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