why you gotta be hatin?


a lot of people don’t like winter. they hate it, even.

but i’m not one of them. i love it, in fact. i remember taking the long way to the bus stop so i could play in more snow.

but i find myself at a loss for words when people are talking about going florida and sitting on a sun-drenched beach for christmas and they ask me why i would ever want snow over sand.

i don’t have the words, but i do have this video.

40hr Inukshuk timelapse from Rocky Mountain Sherpas on Vimeo.

i mean, just check that out. even the music couldn’t find words.


One Response to “why you gotta be hatin?”

  1. 1 charles

    i get tired of all the complaining about the weather! aren’t these the same people who complain about all the heat in July?

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