another big hurdle


early registration is officially over for the 2010 summit for someone climbs.  it kind of snuck up on me, and i didn’t make it to my $1000 goal.


here’s where i stand now.

i am on a layaway plan.  their description is this:

“This option is best if you don’t want to put down an additional deposit. You won’t have a secure spot on a 2010 climb until you reach $1250 in funds raised, but you can also see how your fundraising is going, and you can also defer until 2011.”

so i guess if i don’t meet my next goal of $3,000, i can always put it off another year and hope a rich cougar finds me.

in the mean time, i found this site that sells personalized raffle tickets.  that site looks a little sketchy, but i’ve heard from people who have used them that they’re pretty decent tickets.  i’m thinking about selling tickets for $5 a piece with a $500 prize.

here’s a sample.

it’s gonna be a little awkward going door to door trying to sell these things, but it can’t be any more awkward than just straight up asking for cash.


One Response to “another big hurdle”

  1. rich cougar, eh?

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