a visual


one of the questions i get asked the most since i announced my summit for someone goals is, “so…what will you be doing?”  i’ve likened summit for someone to running a marathon and raising money for a charity, but pretty much everyone knows what a marathon looks like.  but climbing a mountain?  what’s that look like?

this video from backpacker magazine pretty much sums it up.

i can tell you, “oh, i’m climbing a mountain,” but that conjurs up too many visuals and stories to be accurate.

the climb spotlighted in this clip is one of the options (and probably my first choice) for the summit for someone climbs, so it’s really cool to get an arial view of what i might be getting myself into.

the term “mountain clmbing” sort of lends itself to a broad definition.  “mountaineering” is a little more accurate.  it’s pretty much just a really serious hike.  you’ve got a pack on probably weighing around 50 pounds and that has to include safety ropes, snoeshoes/skis, and crampons (i smell a footwear gear post coming up in the near future).

so, i think i’ll send this to my favorites on my iphone so when someone asks me, “what are you doing???”  i can just say, “this!” and show them.

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