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we got her back! a neighbor had her. she just couldn’t call b/c she didn’t have a phone last night. i can’t tell if the other dogs are happy she’s home, or if they’re just pissed. they seem to have shunned her.

last night, our dogs got out. i caught mac right away, but no one has seen trin. if you anyone can help, we would be eternally grateful. here is a pdf you anyone can print off and hang wherever you see fit. thanks in advance for anyone willing to help.  we’re kind of in panic […]

a visual


one of the questions i get asked the most since i announced my summit for someone goals is, “so…what will you be doing?”  i’ve likened summit for someone to running a marathon and raising money for a charity, but pretty much everyone knows what a marathon looks like.  but climbing a mountain?  what’s that look […]

i’ve got an SFS page now! the pre-season application went through, and i can now accept donations! check it out! this is pretty exciting.  it’s really starting to feel like it’s taking off after dreaming about it for so long. it feels good to be part of something that will help hundreds of kids get […]