as with anything in life, there are going to be hurdles and speedbumps and potholes and other cliche’ things that get in your path that want to trip you up.

the summit for someone path is going to have quite a few.  i can tell already.

right now, it’s mostly paperwork hurdles.  the pre-application wasn’t working exactly right.  they’re doing some work on the backend of their website so things weren’t where they were supposed to be.

the good news is that the biggest hurdle has been pushed back.  and it’s been pushed back by months.

i only had to put down a $50 deposit rather than a $1,000 deposit since i got in on the 2010 early applications.

1 hurdle down, dozens to go.

here’s a list in no particular order of things i can foresee right now that could be hurdles:

1.  fund-raising (probably going to be on the top of every list i make from now on, so i guess this spot is in a particular order).

2.  training – gotta get in shape and somehow figure out how to train for high altitude at sea level.

3.  convincing my boss to let me off for a week and not cut into my vacation time.

4.  more paperwork.

5.  deciding which climb

6.  deciding what time of year i can go.

7.  how am i gonna get to the climb?  probably depends on number 5.

8.  not spending money on things that aren’t related to the climb

9.  what’s sarah gonna do?

10.  working up the guts to ask people and businesses for cash money!

ok…less list-making and blogging and more sleep.

good night!


One Response to “hurdles”

  1. hurdles can be fun, once you get over them!! set goals for yourself, then when you reach them, you get a treat. 🙂 errr…a reward. or we can go to Lou’s to celebrate.

    just remember what you’re doing this for, and all the kids you will help!!

    don’t worry about me — I am so proud of you~!!!

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