hello, old blog


i’ve been pre-occupied with facebook and neglecting the blog (and twitter, but i never used to update my twitter anyway).

but now i think i have a use for this thing again.


let me start at the beginning…

last month, i started a workout routine.  it consists of running one day, biking the next, then taking every wednesday and sunday off to let my body rejuvinate.

this is in preperation for two big events coming up in my life next year.

1.  i’m copying my friend jamin and running this triathlon.  he’s trying to get in this year with a friend who’s running, but i’m aiming for 2010.

it’s an off-road triathlon.  so, no swimming…kayaking instead.  there’s biking, but it’s montain biking.  and the running is off the beaten path, too.

2.  the big BIG event next year for me is not the triathlon, but rather summit for someone.

each year, big city mountaineers organizes several summit attempts and expeditions across the country.  each person on the summit/expedition raises funds for BCM to help get at-risk teens out of the inner city and out into the wild.

think of it as race for the cure in the mountains.

so why am i blogging this?

not to toot my own horn.  but that is an unavoidable byprodcut of what i’m about to announce next.

i need your help.

each climber is responsible for raising a set goal.  the goals range anywhere from $2,400 to $7,500 (i plan on doing one less than $4,000 but the cheap ones always fill up first).

there will be a few hurdles coming up even though the climbs are a year away, but i will keep them updated on this blog.

if this sounds like something you can get behind, you can find more information here and check back often.  i’ll be keeping an update on my training and fund-raising on this blog, and on my facebook page.


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