i’m back in the 21st century now


we got facespaces!!!

sarah and i hopped onboard and got social.  (although, i gotta say,  it’s only fake social.  we don’t want to actually be social with people).

here’s the deal, though…  i’m being picky about my friends.

i stick to two pretty simple rules about friending people

1.  i haven’t friended any females that i am not related to.  it’s just a hedge that sarah and i agreed to before we signed up.

i should point out…  this doesn’t mean that i won’t be friends with female on facebook…  i just won’t initiate the friending.  it feels weird to be searching for girls anyway when i got an awesome one at home.

2.  if i haven’t been to your house or have your phone number, i probably won’t be friending you.  no offense…  i just don’t want to be one of those people with 500 friends that he never talks to.

so, on that note, enjoy this perfect example of crazy.



i think i’m going to add her and then immediately unfriend her.


One Response to “i’m back in the 21st century now”

  1. 1 joshua

    HOLY CRAP….reazlly?!?!? Come on Alana…..haha!!

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