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i instantly want to read this book by this author after reading this review on this blog that i read via this rss reader. i especially wanted to read the book after reading this excerpt: I would like it known that I am not an ‘idiot.’ I am a person who suffers from idiocy. Nobody […]…  they got all the action shots right here.

“‘Follow your passion’ is the worst advice you can give someone,” Rowe says. “Had I ever even bothered to define what that was, this never would have worked out.” that’s the discovery channel’s host of “dirty jobs,” mike rowe. via outside may 2009

suck trek


if you must see star trek, do yourself a favor and catch a matinee.  at least then you’ll only feel 70% ripped off. to preface this review, i’m a sci-fi fan.  but i haven’t seen every star trek movie. but that’s like saying, “i’m a music fan.  but i haven’t heard every song.” as far […]