really google reader? really?



my google reader just randomly changed to list view while i was reading it a minute ago.

and when i switched back to expanded view…  “ALL ITEMS HAVE BEEN MARKED AS READ.”

what??????????????????  i didn’t say to do that!

good thing everything is in beta.  this needs work!

this reminds me of a movie quote:

I felt that it was better not to commit to anything than risk being hurt again.

is that what you’re doing, google?  just call it beta so when something goes wrong you can have an excuse?

fix this already!  it’s happened before and i didn’t complain.  now that it’s happened twice, it’s a reoccurance.

i mean…  how else am i supposed to find out about parahawkingif my google reader isn’t working???


2 Responses to “really google reader? really?”

  1. hmmmm
    that sucks!

    but…………….what movie is that from??

    high fidelity?
    i need to know!!!!

  2. 2 becky

    commitments are for wussies. 😉

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