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riddle me this


how come i take a picture with a circular lens, but all my pictures come out square? Advertisements

whyyyyyyyyyy? my google reader just randomly changed to list view while i was reading it a minute ago. and when i switched back to expanded view…  “ALL ITEMS HAVE BEEN MARKED AS READ.” what??????????????????  i didn’t say to do that! good thing everything is in beta.  this needs work! this reminds me of a movie […]

is it just me, or did everything in google get way tiny a few months ago? i adjust my preferences so everything in google reader/gmail is normal sized font, but then everything else looks like it’s for the visually impaired. is anyone else experiencing this, or is it just time for new contacts?



is that a karman gia at the end?

lent update


real quick, i’ve learned two things about lent this year. 1.  it needs to be prepared for.  it deserves to be prepared for. 2.  i shoulda given up steep and cheap instead of the snooze.

oh, btw…


happy april fools day. see how foolish? read it again. now does that seriously sound like us? come on. if you’ll notice, one of the tag’s is afd – April Fools Day. now you’ve got 364 days to get me back. start cookin’ one up.

going back home


i think by now we’ve told everyone important, so this is for the rest. sarah and i have decided to quit going to imago and rejoin northwoods. there, i said it. it wasn’t an easy decision, but we feel God is calling us there and that we can do a lot of good at the […]