process of elimination


here’s one thing i’ve learned about myself so far…

one way i learn is by process of elimination.  i have to make a decision on what shoes to buy, and nothing really jumps out at me, so i just buy the ones i hate the least.

i eliminate the ugly ones and pick ones i think i can live with.


now i’m learning what i want and don’t want for a career the same way.  i work at a giant corporation now and it’s just not what i see myself doing for the next 30 years.

i thought i wanted to work at a cool, small advertising agency.  but now i’m learning that probably won’t be a good idea.

i recently got to tour simantel.  and it was cool.  don’t get me wrong.  the building itself is old and on the riverfront with exposed, rough cut lumber supporting the structure.  there’s history int he building and stories about the great depression…  but the environment isn’t right for me.

sarah and i have a friend who works there, and she’s totally cool.  she actually started coming to imago with her friend and her friend seems cool, too.

but i just don’t think i would do well in this environment.  everyone there had the coolest clothes and the latest trend in eye wear and i’d hate to see how many shoes the guys there own.

me…  i haven’t bought new clothes in over a  year.

…ok, i’ve bought a few clothes.  but i’m talking a pair of pants and like 4 shirts.  these people had clothes that weren’t even the least bit faded from the washing machine.

i’d be too afraid i would fall into a “keeping up with the joneses” attitude and waste all sorts of money and effort.

so, i’m still not ruling them out.  jillian and erin are really down to earth people, so it is possible to work there and keep your sanity.  but the lesson i learned that night was that i need to keep this experience in mind when i finally get to make a career decision.

there was one thing that happened at simantel.  some lady made a catty remark to me about leaving her presentation early…  but that’s for another post.  this one is already 360 + words.  (that’s a cool feature, wordpress!).


One Response to “process of elimination”

  1. I can relate on everything you wrote.

    I don’t seem to fit into things around me much anymore. Well, things I don’t pay much attention to anyway. Like corporate jobs, politics, religions, having cool ‘things,’ making money, dressing awesome, driving a really nice car, etc. It’s all …different now. I don’t see anything wrong with any of those things, I would enjoy any and all of them, but they simply are not for me right now. Maybe again in the future? I certainly hope not.

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