lent v2.0


a year ago tomorrow, i attempted to participate in lent for the first time.  i tried to give up satisfaction.  immediate satisfaction, to be specific.

if i wanted a snickers bar, i’d wait.  i would deny myself the snickers.

…then i’d usually buy it 30 minutes later.

it sucked.  there’s really no metric you can put on instant gratification.  i was just shooting from the hip.  yeah, it made me think.  and that was good.  i started noticing how grateful i should have been – being able to just go get ice if i wanted ice any time of the day at work or at home.

but this year, i want something more concrete.  something i can measure.

here’s what i came up with – no snooze button.

the idea is that i’ll wake up and read the bible or spend time in prayer.  the main goal is to use the extra 9-54 minutes i waste on any given weekday (and usually sunday)  and use those getting closer to God.

how exactly, i’m going to accomplish this, i don’t know.  but i’m gonna give it a shot.

5 Responses to “lent v2.0”

  1. 1 Jamin

    I read somewhere that you can train yourself to do this with food(kind of like how you train a dog). Right when you wake up, eat a banana or an apple or something(something healthy, not a snickers). It’s like a reward for waking up early. After a few weeks, your body will associate getting up early with a positive experience.

  2. 2 charlie

    what if i’m not even aware of the first 3 times i hit snooze?
    my wife reports that i do this frequently. i claim complete ignorance.

    (maybe she could jump up and shove some food in my mouth?)

  3. dangit, does this mean i have to wake up early too?

    cause i was going to give up sleep deprivation for lent.

    i was going to give myself more sleep. for lent.

  4. We’ve already made our commitments for lent…but I’m keeping this in mind for next year. I’m TERRIBLE about hitting snooze. I just suck at getting out of bed- it doesn’t matter how early or late it is.

  5. 5 Angel

    Sarah, you are funny. 🙂
    Go vegan for lent! And stay that way too! Vegan chili, mmmmm.

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