some good advice


that last post sort of focused on some bad advice.

let’s shift gears and focus on the positive more.

i’ve gotten a little more focus in life about what to do for a career.  a little.

i’ve finally swallowed my pride and admitted to myself that my sole purpose in life isn’t to be a designer.  and then i made myself accept that and be ok with that.

the truth is, i like too many things to pigeonhole myself into a corner with only one thing i can do.

i’ve explored options in my mind like journalism, nature photography, custom carpentry, and park ranger.  those are just a few.  sometimes i dream about being a hovercraft pilot, but i know that’s probably out of the question.

so in exploring these options out-loud one day to a friend, he asked me THE question; how does any of this glorify God?


yeah, being a gear reviewer for backpacker might be a sweet deal, but why am i trying for that?

my motives weren’t centered around what’s most important in my life.

but i’m on my way to an answer.

at first, i answered this question with a question.

it went like this, “eric, how does all of this glorify God?”  a few hours later in eric’s brain…  “how does my job glorify God now?”

it doesn’t, is what i thought.  it’s just a paycheck (but who know for how long).

well, that’s half right.  i didn’t get a job sitting behind a desk because i thought i could reach the lost white collared workers of central illinois.  …but that doesn’t mean i can’t make the most of it while i’m there.

it’s just frustrating to know that i feel called to something, but i can’t get there NOW.  my wife will tell you i’m not a patient person.  especially on trips where we need to get somewhere.  i can never get there quick enough.  [insert cliche’ christian journey metaphor here]

but i’m continuing with school.  only now, i’ll be at bradley in an actual classroom.  i loved the online environment for going to class, but with my employer’s recent decicion not to reimburse tuition, i was forced to take another route (bradley is free for me due to an awesome set of circumstances).

now, 4th secondary education school later, my major will be multimedia.

so i’ll probably still end up being a web designer.  and that excites me.  it may not be the one thing i do in life, but it will probably afford me the work environment and schedule i’m looking for.

and that work environment and schedule i’m looking for will afford me what i really want to do with my time in life.

backpacking, hiking, fishing, camping, working on the house, jeeping, riding the harley, working on the truck, fixing stuff with joe, taking walks with the wifey, playing with the dogs, climbing, getting grass to grow back…


2 Responses to “some good advice”

  1. 1 becky

    Ok – that question your friend asked, “how does this glorify God?” is great question but also one of the most abused. i hope he wasn’t implying that you have to be in ministry in order for your job to glorify God.

    i think there’s things in our everyday lives that glorify God but we forget it because modern evangelicalism is caught up in big, grand, public gestures. so don’t believe that your everyday life isn’t glorifying to God, as long as your heart is true. working hard: glorifying to God. providing for your family: glorifying to God. enjoying the blessings you’ve been given: glorifying to God. loving your wife: glorifying to God. helping friends and neighbors: glorifying to God. caring for the earth: glorifying to God. building christian community: glorifying to God. giving to those in need: glorifying to God. etc, etc, etc.

    ps. i think you’d be a great web designer! if it’s what you enjoy, go for it!!!

  2. [insert cliche’ christian journey metaphor here]

    your walk with the Almighty Lord will never fail to be less than a glorious journey of the heart evolving into an epiphany of your faith as you exalt thee.

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