what am i doing???


this blog was intended to help me think through where i’m taking things in my life.

namely, my career.  and what i’m learning.

it started off with me thinking i wanted to work for a church.

then someone told me he never though i was really the church type because of my frustrations with the church.

now i learned that guy only thinks he knows me.  he doesn’t really know me, so why would i take his advice?

all those church blogs i used to read were after one thing most of the time.

no, it wasn’t loving people.  it was innovation.  i suppose it’s not innovative enough to just invite people into your home.  you have to do it in some special way that makes people think.

i still don’t know if i’ll work for a church.  i probably cuss too much for any church to want to hire me.

but here’s what i want to innovate for myself in case i ever do find a church willing to hire someone like me.

  • i’m not going to read your church blogs.
  • i won’t try to like the same things you like.
  • i’ve kind of always thought church conferences with breakout sessions were weird anyway.
  • i’m going to quit feeling guilty for never listening to boring church sermon podcasts.

if i ever get to a point where i have something to offer a church as an employee, my innovation will be to unlearn all the crap i shoved into my brain because i thought it would make me a cool church employee with a felxible schedule and a lunch meeting 4 days a week.

or, i might just say, “fuck all that.  i don’t like christians anyway.”

…ok, that sounds more like me.  sorry for this blog sucking.  that was me trying to train myself to be something i’m not.  you can expect more criticism and cursing on here from now on.

everyone breathe a sigh of relief.  that seems to fit better.


One Response to “what am i doing???”

  1. I think even God laughs at cursing.

    Because I am made in his image and sometimes I laugh uncontrollably at the word bastard.

    Also funny: mixing curse levels.

    Example: “You gosh darn c**t.”

    (I didn’t say the real word because womenfolk hate it.)

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