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lent v2.0


a year ago tomorrow, i attempted to participate in lent for the first time.  i tried to give up satisfaction.  immediate satisfaction, to be specific. if i wanted a snickers bar, i’d wait.  i would deny myself the snickers. …then i’d usually buy it 30 minutes later. it sucked.  there’s really no metric you can put […]



that last post sort of focused on some bad advice. let’s shift gears and focus on the positive more. i’ve gotten a little more focus in life about what to do for a career.  a little. i’ve finally swallowed my pride and admitted to myself that my sole purpose in life isn’t to be a […]

this blog was intended to help me think through where i’m taking things in my life. namely, my career.  and what i’m learning. it started off with me thinking i wanted to work for a church. then someone told me he never though i was really the church type because of my frustrations with the […]