i meant to do this days ago.  it’s an idea i had in church last weekend.  i want to try to recap what i heard and try to follow after this passage i worked my vows around when sarah and i got married.

here we go…

this past week charlie talked about some greek gods and their temples.  but the part i focused in on was the begining of ephesians.  i’ve always like ephesians since i was a kid (see link above).

we got a few verses into ephesians 1.

that was it.

a few verses.

but we got a lot out of it.  the idea of grace and peace is huge.

peace isn’t just the hippy type where you throw two fingers up and end every sentence in “man.”

yes, there is that peace.  but there’s this other peace.  it’s the peace that comes out of turmoil.  it’s the peace that we work at.  the term charlie used was “an agent of peace.”

and he goes on to say that we often think about God giving us grace and that creates peace in our lives.  we can sit back and thank God for the grace he’s shown us and say, “now i’m at peace.”  (which is different than striving for peace.  i saw this almost as a “gimmie.”)

here’s where i stop regurgatating what i heard in church and try to lead my household in the word and in prayer.

if God gives us grace, then we are charged as christians to give grace as well.

but often, when i’m charged with giving grace, i don’t feel peaceful.  showing grace to someone who’s just hurt me, who’s just cut me off in traffic, who’s just attacked me (or whom i feel attacked me) is not going to bring me peace.

the peace is something you have to work at.  when grace flows out of you, it may create peace for everyone else, but you may be completely ill at ease.

so, maybe, when paul tells his brothers and sisters, “grace, and peace,” he’s not just saying that so that we can read it thousands of years later and say, “oh, good.  i’ll show grace and peace and i’m a good christian.”

paul is speaking to a community and charging them to show grace and peace to each other so when someone feels that ill at ease feeling, they will end up getting grace in return.

for me, if i show sarah grace and make her at peace but it means i’ve had to swallow my pride, i’m not peaceful.

but when sarah shows that same grace back to me, i feel the peace and our house is full of shalom again.


One Response to “recap”

  1. It’s a beautiful thing to come to a realization that words have such great meaning behind them. My hardship was trying to figure out what “grace” and “peace” meant through reading the bible. I found it, but it was vague for me. Hence my other readings which I have found so much more for myself.

    it’s good to read when someone finds this out and starts to apply principals instead of only knowing them. (Thanks to our education system teaching us to “know” things instead of making “action” out of what we know.)

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