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new life goal


own a home where you don’t need privacy glass in your bathroom. example below these were taken from the throne in my aunt and uncle’s house on the outskirts of chilicothe. also, they have good mud there.  i got to sling some on my half brother’s girlfriend’s wrangler. it was a good christmas. happy new […]

bob dylan cannot be listened to softly, in the background. you have to crank him to eleven.  there’s no other way to listen to him.

i love it when a film i love has an actor whose character, role, and performance i loved that says things in real life that i love. here’s a real life quote from real life old guy, hal holbrook; Most everybody today that’s young is operating under the insane idea that what we’ve got going […]

I never thought I would be sitting here, at the civic center, next to my mom, waiting for tso to play and hear the guy behind me say, “when we were here for tool…” I guess they aren’t your father’s orchestra.

i saw this homemade wonderpiece on how to avoid the bummer life. and added it to my rss right away.