electrician day


this post just got a new spin on it.

i had it drafted, set to post at 8 AM tomorrow, but that just doesn’t feel right now.

i don’t vote.  i’m not even registered.

there are a few reasons.

first off, i never felt educated enough to vote.  i don’t do my homework.  the area of politics is one thing i don’t like to get into.  there’s a big debate amongst our small group about if jesus was political or not.  i’m still in the middle leaning towards yes, but there’s a strong argument towards no, too.  was jesus apolitical?

secondly, i have voted.  and it was probably the wrong decision.  i got extra credit in high school to register and vote.  so i did.  and i voted for bush.  mostly because i agreed with his stance on abortion.  …i think.  i think i agreed with his policy anyway.  i wasn’t educated enough to make that decision.  but the law says i was old enough, so i must be mature enough to vote.  plus…  i REALLY needed those easy points for government class.

thirdly, i think not voting makes just as much of a statement as voting.  even more so if you refuse to register.  when i got my licence renewed a few months ago the lady at the DMV did her job and asked if i wanted to register to vote.  i declined.  it was one more piece of paper amongst the many so it’s not like i would have noticed.  i was doing it to make my own statement.

here’s why i didn’t register.

1.  i don’t agree with the electoral college.  it’s not always what the people want.  it may have worked back when it took the pony express days to get ballot boxes to the outposts to be counted, but today it’s pointless.  you just vote for some person whom you hope votes for the president you want.  so, you could argue your vote for president doesn’t even count anyway.

2.  i don’t like R vs. D.  that’s not balanced.  there needs to be more parties.  i don’t agree with any party whole-heartedly, so why should i be passionate about either one of them?  if i was registered, i’d be a registered independent if my state allows it.

3.  it gets people riled up.  i’ll admit it.  it makes people angry, thus proving my point that not voting makes a difference.

if you disagree and think that everyone should vote, then that’s your stance.  that’s the vote you cast.  but mine is different.  i don’t expect everyone to agree.  but i do expect everyone to respect my opinion.

that’s what is great about this country.  we have different opinions, and we get to choose them.

…even if they don’t fit into slot A or slot B.


3 Responses to “electrician day”

  1. lord, I thank you for electricity. i thank you for electrician’s day.

    eeeeeeeeeeeelectricians day!

    it’s a special day…for meeeeeeeeeee!


    also, I really agree with paragraphs #5, #9, and #12.

  2. 2 joshua

    What if Earth was separated by a line and there was only two ways one could live life? Everyone would be unhappy, just like in politics.


  3. i just think even God had two buddies (father, son, and holy ghost) to bounce ideas off of…

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