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here’s what i just realized about google. they make their money by advertising for companies with really cheesy websites. this advertises for this. that’s how to make millions billions? Advertisements

but that’s no reason to trust them. i saw this video in dave’s shared items: i have to say, it’s got to be the fairest assesment of any politician i’ve seen yet. obama lovers seem to be go past supportive and right into cultish when it comes to their choice of a leader. mccain supports […]

solo climbing


not silo climbing.  that’s different. solo climbing is climbing without a rope. this isn’t solo climbing (watch the video), even though it doesn’t use ropes. i’m pretty sure that was invented by climbers as a joke about their non-climbing friends. anybody remember soaps? anybody admit to ever owning a pair of soaps?



excerpt from jon krakauer’s into the wild: all that held me to the mountainside, all that held me to the world, were two thin spikes of chrome molybdenum stuck half an inch into a smear of frozen water, yet the higher i climbed, the more comfortable i became.  early on a difficult climb, especially a […]

pizza works


I think pizza works in the heights is the best resturaunt in Peoria. I think the chapman clan might come here every Friday.