broken bone?


set it with a podcast!  it lets your friends sign your leg and gives you an excuse to carry a sharpie.

i’ve been listening to podcasts lately at work.

so far, the line up is pretty short:

imago dei

mars hill

npr: this american life

meet the author

here’s what i’ve noticed so far…

the non church ones keep my attention better than the church ones.

that’s not an attack on churches to make their sermons interesting.  that’s an observation about myself.

on meet the author, some guys on staff at the onion have created an atlas and a slideshow plays on my iphone while they talk showing the hilarious pictures of the “american flag power plant” in iraq (the world’s first power plant fueled solely by burning american flags).

the mars hill podcast i’m listening to right now…  it’s just got a generic picture of a musical note.

they can’t even play music on this podcast.  ccli doesn’t cover that.

the speaker has obviously rehearsed his speech and his manner of speaking so many times, he’s not even listening to himself.

alan alda, on the other hand, answered so many questions about things that didn’t even directly relate to his book that at the end of the podcast, he tells a person he feels like he got to know her.

all they did was trade stories and ask each other their opinions on issues, on existential ideas.

right now, i’m tuning out david liverman without even trying.

chuck palahniuk, though…  that guy is interesting to listen to.  he wrote fight club, for cryin’ out loud!

the point is…  when i don’t feel like i’m getting a microwaved, reheated piece of meat, i’m enthralled.

i want to find it hard to focus on work when i hear a church podcast.

but then again, i’ve got high standards for all things christian.

more on that later…


4 Responses to “broken bone?”

  1. One thing that I’ve noticed though is that when you start to listen to church podcasts all the time, they all lose there appeal. At some points we’ll listen to 4-5 churches a week (including when we went to CTR – the regular service, then we’d listen to Imago, and Mars Hill, and maybe LifeChurch and maybe Erwin McManus’s church…you get the picture). And I think that they lose there charm when this happens. Because – at least for me – it seems like overload. I dont even know what to focus on – I just keep listening and listening but not applying anything I’ve heard. Does that make sense?

    Plus, for me, I like the real church service/sermon. The one I’m sitting at. With my friends next to me. Where Sunday is a big deal and I get to see my friends, go out to eat afterwords and enjoy life together. There is something missing from the podcasts when this happens – a disconnect and it’s harder to engage.

    I think it can be similar to listen to Christian ‘worship’ music all the time. It loses the ‘worship’ and turns into regular music that you sing along to…it has lost the spark.

  2. chuck palahniuk is cool and weird and interesting!!

    but too much palahniuk would seem like a reheated piece of meat, too.

    when it comes to teaching, Christian or not, i think it’s all about variety!

  3. Christian sermons became very boring to me many years ago. This is because out of 1,500 sermons I have heard, 100 of them had original, creative content presented in a way that made an impact on me. The other 1,400 were scratchy carbon copies of those good 100 sermons. Out of those 100 sermons I didn’t even fully understand most of the teachings until I encountered a situation allowing me to act out those “wise words I heard.” I’m not saying it wasn’t worth sitting through those 1,500 sermons, because it was since those 100 good sermons were spread out in between the bad ones. I don’t believe I need that milk anymore. I’ve had enough myself.

    Christian teachers (pastors, preacher, evangelists, etc) all sort of see the world in one general way. I understand how the world looks through Christian glasses. I personally felt a desire, a need, to start gathering other world views. Because of this I understand Christianity much more than I had ever before.

    Long ago Christian sermons stopped motivating me because it became “a bunch of talk” over time. It doesn’t matter how many times I heard “forgive your neighbor,” I didn’t know what that really meant until I did it. Like trying to explain to a child that the world isn’t fair, they won’t get it until something totally unfair happens to them. (and in most cases, freak out and don’t know what to do) It’s good to teach them to be aware of such things for that is half of the battle. The other half is how to deal with those things. Too bad the second half of the battle is much harder to deal with. Hey kid, SURPRISE!

    p.s. Why 1,500 sermons? (age’s 7-23’ish=16 years of sermons x 52 weeks in a year =832 sermons + Wed nights, Saturday nights, and in between sermons at events…I guessed around 1,500 fair?)

  4. 4 Becky

    i like the pastor of my church here because when he preaches, it kinda feels like he’s having a conversation with us, rather than talking AT us. and he doesn’t yell, or shout, or even talk very loud. its refreshing because i don’t think he follows all those ‘preaching school’ rules all the time. i think that’s hard to find.

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