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i said i would use this blog to document what i’m learning in school and hopefully save paper by using this as a place to take notes. so…  here’s my first attempt from my “survey of modern and contemporary art” class. man is born free, but is everywhere in chains! -rousseau, social contract (1762) Advertisements

wow. angel says all this is vegan. and i believe her. you should, too.

when I grow up and get a real job, I don’t ever want to sit in boring meetings about record accuracy and inventory management. if you have to have a meeting with a couple thousand people, don’t make it so specific it only applies to 20% of the people in the room.

people really think batman is gay? can’t imagine why! actually…  i can’t imagine why that’s important.



no, not the robin williams movie. the vehicular transport device that you can also double as a home away from home. i always said i wanted to retire to one.  but this is one i could have right now. look how versitile! way cooler than the t@b even though they have a wrangler on their […]

annoying app


here’s something annoying about apps… every time one updates, it gets moved to the first home screen. so if you’re anal like me, you have to move them to the “right” spot after each update. also, the wordpress app updated and lost all my blog info so I had to set it all up again […]

heat wave!


of course a giant storm would knock power out during the hottest couple of days of the year. i really wish we had our own solar grid right now.