colorado, rocky mountain high


two days ago sarah and i drove to the top of pike’s peak.

with the top down.

i would show you some pictures, but they’re all on a camera and not on my sister-in-law’s computer, so that will have to wait.

tomorrow morning, we leave for rocky mountain national park to get permits for “backcountry camping.”

some people at work think they’ll never see me again b/c we’ll be eaten by bears.

but sarah bought a small bell to attach to her pack, so that ought to scare off the bears.

if you never see a new post on this blog again, assume that bears like bells.

2 Responses to “colorado, rocky mountain high”

  1. that bell saved our lives.

    come here, elkies! come to mommy!

  2. ok i need to hear that story. 🙂

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