i think it’ll clear up


here’s what i mean by “nature nerd,” in my own words.

but first, you have to understand that i believe in intelligent design. (coincidentally enough, i just spelled “intelligent” wrong the first time i typed it.) i don’t believe that God just closed his eyes, pointed a finger, and there was the universe.

it was a well thought out process. i mean, time wasn’t invented yet, so it’s not like he was in a hurry.

i believe that intelligent part is key. i also believe since creation is intelligent, it has evolution built in… but that’s probably a different post.

ask any good graphic designer, unintelligent design is their worst peeve. it does nobody any good. it’s what comic sans is meant for.

to get down to it, i believe my heavenly father is a designer. he’s creative.

if you were just floating adrift in the vastness before universes, would you be able to think up earth? or emotions? or the platypus?

this is where my clichéd journey begins. where creation meets nature.

i wasn’t able to create nature, but i am able to follow the God of the universes that did create it.

and that’s the path i’m choosing to go down. it may get rough and rocky or slippery and muddy, but it’s a path. and i guess i’ll take that clichèd word, “journey,” and run with it.

my father creates, and i’m taking after him.

…here’s to hoping it’s more intelligent than unentelijunt.


2 Responses to “i think it’ll clear up”

  1. i really hope your path/journey IS muddy.

    it’s more fun that way. 🙂

  2. 2 joshua

    Well said.
    Organic things seem to be chaotic, but when looked at closely they’re very well designed. It’s like we live in a really REALLY well designed playground full of food and fun! Sounds like a sales pitch to go outside.

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