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two days ago sarah and i drove to the top of pike’s peak. with the top down. i would show you some pictures, but they’re all on a camera and not on my sister-in-law’s computer, so that will have to wait. tomorrow morning, we leave for rocky mountain national park to get permits for “backcountry […]

here’s what i mean by “nature nerd,” in my own words. but first, you have to understand that i believe in intelligent design. (coincidentally enough, i just spelled “intelligent” wrong the first time i typed it.) i don’t believe that God just closed his eyes, pointed a finger, and there was the universe. it was […]

starting every tuesday from 6-8 PM, you can catch me here attempting stuff like this… i’m sort of scared, but mostly excited. and, i’d mostly scared of wearing a helmet someone else has already sweated in. grody. i hope i don’t catch male-patterned baldness.



my previous post is a giant break away from what i thought this blog would be about. and this commercial for discovery sums it up in exactly 60 seconds. it’s catchy and it’s got bear grylls in it. what more could you ask for?



remember before everyone had laptops and flat screens and you had to “deguass” the monitor every once in a while? i think it had something to do with magnetism.  (i don’t know, i just don’t feel like wiki right now). the screen would go all wobbly and purple and then just snap back to reality? […]