it’s time…


good message, but cheesey approach.


does this guy really think the thieves that stole from him are going to give him 3 minutes and 44 seconds?  it’s probably more like 3 seconds.


that video should have been cut short.  if i’m theivin’ a trailer full of bibles, i’m not listening to an emo video droning on with that weird background music.

i kept thinking, “this guy needs to shut up.  just shut up.”

which brings me to this post i’ve been worried about posting for a while.  here it goes…


christians, it’s time to shut up.


now, try to stick with me.  i know it’s hard to hear.

but take a look at this image below.


my google reader folders

that’s a shot of my google reader folders after less than 48 hours.

the church folder makes up the vast majority of my blog reading.  that’s 61.6% if anyone was curious.  114 church posts, 71 other posts.

if that’s not enough to make you shut up and think, try adding stuff christians like to your rss feed.  you’ll be screaming “SHUT UP” all the way to the ‘delete’ button.


so what do we do if we can’t talk?  we think.  we listen.

…then we think about what we just listened to.


when my non-church friends hang out with my church friends, they can’t believe how much the church people talk.

yeah, we’ve got a good message, but talking constantly isn’t necessarily communicating.

i can’t help but wonder how many of my non-church friends would become my church friends if we just stopped to listen to their stories.


i might catch some heat for saying these things, but fire away.

i’m ready to listen.


7 Responses to “it’s time…”

  1. 1 Dave

    I don’t disagree with most of your point but I think you’ve made some gross generalizations here.

    I think the fact that your Google Reader has lots of stuff in the church category has to do with you subscribing to blogs that post a lot- and they happen to be Christians. I can show you tons of non-christian blogs that will load up your RSS reader everyday.

    Same with your (our) friends. I don’t think our friends talk a lot because they are Christians. They are just people that talk a lot and they happen to be Christ followers.

    But then again I don’t post much on my blog and I’ve never been accused of talking a lot.

  2. thank you, dave.

  3. 3 Abby

    Hmmmm. Thought provoking.

  4. Eric… I do agree that as a generalization, the Christian mode of operation leans toward “I have all the answers, you don’t” which leads to lots of “we should shut up” moments. In this case, however, with Kinetic Church…the amazing perspective and innovative reaction to this robbery is something to be proud off. They saw past their own pain to try and bridge a connection w/ the offender. That’s cool…regardless of the editing room opportunities they may have missed in the process. I think their reaction was unpredictible, unexptected and uncommon. It’s too easy for any of us to play Monday morning quarterback with the video; which is no help at all. I’m not sure this is the example to point to when we’re addressing “the shut up” topic. You know?

  5. Eric I love the “stuff Christians like” site. I’m not going to mention anything on the video because it looks like you’re already in enough trouble 🙂

  6. 6 erichapman

    thanks kem, thanks pete.

    but are you guys telling me to shut up?

  7. (sorry – i haven’t been keeping up with blogs lately, which is why I am commenting almost 2 months later)
    your best point, imho, is that you said, “talking constantly isn’t necessarily communicating”. it’s true because how often do we talk to people and never have real relationships with them? sometimes the amount of talking we do is so others can’t really know the real us, and if that’s what we’re doing, a non-believer will have a hard time seeing that the real them is loved by God too. just some stuff on my mind lately, seemed like a good place to post it.

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