“i thought i smelled puppy.”


my wife has some awesome one-liners almost daily.  it’s one of the things i first liked about her.

today i walked into the room and she asked, “do you have trin with you?”  me; “no.”  sarah; “oh, i thought i smelled puppy.”

just fyi…  trinity is our new puppy.  and she smells like our new puppy.

apparently, that smell can rub off and i smelled like new puppy, too.

totally radical.


2 Responses to ““i thought i smelled puppy.””

  1. yep. she’s hilarious. she had some great one-liners in florida:
    “i’ve never really been a looker”
    “i can’t feel my forearms”
    “come-onnnnn, butt-faces!”


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