moral dilema: answer


see the previous post if this one doesn’t make sense to you.

here’s what i did when my boss put me in an awkward situation.

i lied.

i don’t think it was the best thing to do.  but i was put on the spot.  so i choked, and blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

i suppose i could wriggle my way out of it on a technicality and say that i never actually told a physical lie, but i knew what i was doing.  i wasn’t being honest.

dave and charlie both brought up some good points, though.

the hater should know today that our IT department can intercept those e-mails.  we’ve got an entire building within a building for IT.  and then another building with locked doors and the windows painted that houses i don’t know how many servers.  it should be obvious.

the HR department should be the friendly place to go in a situation like this.  but it’s actually seen as a negative thing and a weakness if you go to HR where i work.  you basically get branded and never get a promotion if you go to HR for something so “little.”

sad, but reality.

so what should i have done?

i still don’t know.  i know i put a good amount of distance between me and a potentially explosive situation.  i just don’t know that my comfortable spot is where i need to be.

but it’s over.  no one got fired.  no one will get fired.

in fact, my boss just told me the other day the only way you can get fired from the big yellow is to kill someone or be caught looking at pornography.

which, from past examples, still isn’t even enough to keep someone fired.


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