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it’s time…


good message, but cheesey approach.   does this guy really think the thieves that stole from him are going to give him 3 minutes and 44 seconds?  it’s probably more like 3 seconds.   that video should have been cut short.  if i’m theivin’ a trailer full of bibles, i’m not listening to an emo […]

how appropriate


my friend’s sister and brother-in-law are involved in a new company. eco achievers if you want to learn about eco friendly things, they’ll teach you. i just got their launch e-mail today, on earth day. go check ’em out.

if i called someone “plastic,” i’d be calling him/her fake. also, plastic is actually made of cancer. now, if you want some real stats on plastic, read megan’s post. i recently discovered how awesome the national geographic channel is.  it’s a shame my time is limited with nat geo.  i’ll miss it once we get […]

my wife has some awesome one-liners almost daily.  it’s one of the things i first liked about her. today i walked into the room and she asked, “do you have trin with you?”  me; “no.”  sarah; “oh, i thought i smelled puppy.” just fyi…  trinity is our new puppy.  and she smells like our new […]

i’ve heard a lot of takes on the mario theme song, but this one takes the cake. way better than any of these.

i quit


sorry imago, i’ve already found a new church.

big decision


yep, this pretty much cemented it. i refuse to have children until i can genetically choose not to have a daughter. we are, however, getting a new puppy. and i would show you pictures of it, but this new version of wordpress sucks and won’t even upload the two pictures i have. and i don’t […]