i’ve got a problem (language warning)


sarah and i watched pulp fiction this weekend.

it was sarah’s first time.

we ended up having a 45 minute long conversation in wendy’s about who’s good and who’s bad and why it’s out of order.

this was all without even questioning, “what’s in the briefcase?”

that’s when i realized;

i make judgements on people’s characters based on what movies they like.

my brother and i used to compete for cool music.  b/c we judged each other on the kinds of music we listened to.  (neither one of us has admitted that openly before, so i hope it’s ok to blog about, eli).

then, there’s a weird debate going on at charlie’s blog about into the wild.

it’s getting a little heated.

some dude named jason schifo (no link?) is taking the exact opposite stance on this movie as sarah and me.  i don’t know the guy, but i think i like the dude who flipped me off in traffic after cutting me off on the interstate better.

but these are both stupid reasons to get bent out of shape.

road rage and movies aren’t what matter.

so why do they feel so important to me?

i don’t have the answers.

so i leave you with this appropriate, however slightly offensive quote;

“how can it be bullshit to state a preference?”

2 Responses to “i’ve got a problem (language warning)”

  1. Did that guy tell you that you opinion was BS???? WTF? HAHAHAAA.

  2. 2 sarah c.

    dude, i just gotta say, and i’m telling you this for your own good:

    that is the worst looking sweater i’ve ever seen.
    that’s a cosby sweater, my friend.
    a cooooooooosssssssby sweaaaterrrrrrrrrrrr!

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