cuttin’ off and flippin’ off


i just got home from work.

ahhh, time to plop in front of the tv with (SPOILER WARNING!) our newest obsession.

a time to relax.

except i just experienced some road rage.  so i probably won’t be able to calm down for a little while (side note:  has anyone heard that it takes 6 hours for a rush of adrenaline to die down?)

here’s the story…  i take 74 across the river and i take the second exit after crossing the bridge, which is only a few hundred yards after crossing.

there are always people who get across the river and apparently realize they need to exit, so i get cut off constantly.  i expect it now.  it’s just going to happen.  so it’s just easier to let people over than to get pissed every day right before i get home.

but today, there was nothing i could do.  this guy just plain cut me off.  it was one of those where he signaled, but not until he was already half way in the lane so it’s more just so he can tell himself, “i didn’t cut him off.  i signaled!”

so i didn’t honk.  after all, i expect crappy drivers at this area of 74.  but i did flash my brights (it was daylight).  well, i saw a hand go up on the back window of this truck in front of me.  at first i thought he was waving sorry.

not true.

he whipped over three lanes of traffic, cutting me off, so he could exit.  and while he’s exiting, i looked over at him to see him sitting next to his young son, and the driver’s middle finger.

he cut me off and flipped the bird.

somehow that made sense to him.

i didn’t do anything.  i just looked at him confusedly and felt that cringe where you realize you just got really pissed about something.

and all i could think was, “i’m supposed to love you?”

these are the people that we are called to show love to.  the people who flip us the bird for cutting us off (that doesn’t even make sense) are the ones we need to love the most.


but why?  i don’t wanna!

but i know if that same guy shows up on sunday at imago, i gotta smile and decide to forgive that little traffic violation.

i don’t think i’m prepared for this.  up until now, community has been easy.  i really like everyone i’ve talked to on our launch team.

but we’re about to open doors to the public.  and guess who’s part of “the public.”

yeah, mr. cutter/flipper offer.

dang.  my hands are tied.

so what do you do?  just have faith that next time i cut someone off in traffic that they can be forgiving?

i’m also wondering, “does God see me this way?”  how often do i do something that offends God and then get pissed b/c i did something wrong?

ok…  i think i’m breaking lent tonight to order a pizza.  i don’t have the energy to fight off more crap.


2 Responses to “cuttin’ off and flippin’ off”

  1. 1 Dave

    The worst will be if Imago gets bigger and a significant amount of traffic is going there on a Sunday morning. When we went to Northwoods we would always get angry at people on the road and then they’d end driving to church too. And it was really bad there because with the parking attendants you end up parking right next to them. This happens to us all the time at CTR too…only we don’t have parking attendants thank goodness.

  2. 2 michelle

    Does it help to know the drivers are worse in IL than OR?? I learned how to cut people off in IL… it was worth moving to IL to learn!

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