new and improved (a spinoff of dave crow’s musings)


remember nintendo games?  not the part you saw on tv, not the visual/audio interaction…  the actual cartridges.  remember those?

they weren’t discs.  most of their appearance was that nintendo gray color that somehow excited 12 year old boys worldwide into a frenzy every christmas.  (although, some games were colored…  i remember being blown away just looking at zelda before ever putting it into the NES).

these games were solid state.  no disc spinning at thousands of rotations per minute.

now, ever major gaming platform is disc oriented.  we put everything on the compact disc.  right, dave?  i’m inclined to agree with my friend in the great white north.  someday we’ll be telling whippersnappers about discs that played music, held software, were fun to microwave, stored information, played games, etc.

so what’s next if cds are on a slow downward spiral?

well, apple just came out with a new solid state device.  this time a whole computer.  you might have heard of it.  it created quite the buzz in the nerdworld.

the macbook air.  it’s not a new idea, but it is the first commercially available solid state computer (one version is, at least).

and you know those fancy jump drives that are all the rage, even being built into swiss army knives?   yep.  solid state.

it’s yet to be known if solid state is the wave of the future.  we’ll have to wait and see.  the capacity just isn’t there yet.  but, it will be.  and sooner than you think.

so, was nintendo just decades ahead of their time?  are we all destined to be playing the wii 2 (wii ii?) on solid state devices?

i’ve got a few guesses, but i want to hear what you think first.


One Response to “new and improved (a spinoff of dave crow’s musings)”

  1. 1 Dave

    I can see games and computers heading this way in the very near future. You can make devices much smaller using solid state memory and you don’t have to worry about moving parts breaking.

    I’m not sure what will replace DVD’s yet. With movies available for rental or purchace via iTunes or Netflix, buying/renting online is one option. But I’m not totally in favor of that because I really like special features on DVDs (sometimes more than the movie). And you don’t get any special features when you rent/buy online.

    Do you ever remember schools using LaserDisc’s in the pre-DVD era? Those always make me laugh.

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