beijing ’08


the summer olympics are in beijing this year.

watch cnn’s coverage of the village unveiling here.

the reporter says something interesting at the end.  there’s no ban on bibles.

apparently this is huge.  (i’m not naive enough to call everything cnn broadcasts as news, but this is still something people are interested in hearing or otherwise, why mention it?)

i did some digging.  china is officially athiest.  just ask wiki.  but china also has a bad reputation for being less than accommodating to certain religious affiliations (caution: read at your own risk.  i merely skimmed that last link).

so why is this important?

i don’t know.  i like the olympics?

oh yes, and it’s cool that they’re allowing bibles into the country.  now maybe those underground churches i read about in relevant can stop meeting in the sewers like some sneaky turtles trained in the way of the ninja.


One Response to “beijing ’08”

  1. 1 sarah c.

    turtles in a half shell….turtle power!

    “YES!! I LOVE NINJA TURTLES!!” – your wife at claus christmas 07 (yes, 2007)

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