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now read this


this was too good to simply click “share.” check out the av club blog for this cool post entitled “One reason to keep Windows.” it gets crazy a few seconds into it.  almost to the point of becoming unbelievable.  but just watch until the end. it might just be the real deal. just easy to […]

bsg season 4


it starts april 4. have i mentioned before i’m obsessed?

sarah and i watched pulp fiction this weekend. it was sarah’s first time. we ended up having a 45 minute long conversation in wendy’s about who’s good and who’s bad and why it’s out of order. this was all without even questioning, “what’s in the briefcase?” that’s when i realized; i make judgements on people’s […]

broken rule


i broke my own rule about not buying new clothes the rest of the year. but (you know there has to be a but) it was for a good cause. it’s sort of homemade… more to come.

yes!  i had something on my blog before seth! his post was on march 18.  my post was on march 17. yeah yeah yeah, we’re saying different things.  but who cares? i still win.

i just got home from work. ahhh, time to plop in front of the tv with (SPOILER WARNING!) our newest obsession. a time to relax. except i just experienced some road rage.  so i probably won’t be able to calm down for a little while (side note:  has anyone heard that it takes 6 hours […]

it’s been a while since i saw a tv shopping offer that didn’t have a website plastered all over it.