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kent shaffer had some good points to remember for aspiring graphic designers/communicators:

People know it is wrong to judge a book by its cover, but they still do. People know it is wrong to categorize by stereotypes, but they still do that too. By human nature, we are wired to judge things by their appearance.

That is why it is vital to have great design because those who know nothing about you will judge you by your appearance. Aesthetics are a powerful thing. Whether graphic design or product design, your appearance shapes how others perceive you.

Amateur design is not credible. It can come across as cheap or inexperienced or even as a scam. But great design gives its viewers a taste of what to expect. Great design communicates your brand. It is relevant to your target audience. It’s believable. It’s professional. And its style is appropriate. Not only does great design increase the credibility of first impressions, but it also adds value to your existing customers’ perceptions.

Your design is your credibility. You can’t stop people from making assumptions, but you can create an image that produces the right assumptions.

ahhh, how i love the fundamentals of design and when it crosses over into marketing!

get the link to this article here


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