the day late ash wednesday review


i didn’t see anyone with dirt on their forehead.  but that doesn’t mean anything.  i didn’t put burnt palms on my forehead, either.

the first thing i learned about denying myself instant gratification was about prayer.

how many times do we pray about something, wait a minute, then decide on our own what to do?  it may feel like we are making a “prayerful” decision, but really, have you waited to listen for an answer?

i think about all the decisions i’ve made based on feelings as compared to reaction to prayers.

we have three vehicles right now because i wanted a cherokee.  now our truck isn’t selling.  why?  probably b/c i prayed, waited overnight, and bought a cherokee.

i found one i wanted.  and it was on ebay so it could have gotten away.  so instead of letting it get away and waiting for God to answer my prayer about if we should buy it, i jumped in and bought the cherokee.

i don’t think it was the wrong decision, but was it the best decision?

God’s got a way of using repetition to get through to us.  have you ever heard someone say, “man, why does that keep happening?” or, “we were just talking about that!”

that happened to me.  sarah and i had dinner with shawn and steph hayes.  steph quit her job in pekin as a physical therapist (i gather it was to be home with her husband and son more.  shawn gets to work from home on his choice of an imac or a macbook pro a lot.)  she said it was the first decision she’s truly prayed about and waited on God to answer.

then we ate no-boil lasagna.

but when steph said that, it hit home.  i felt convicted for making human decisions instead of waiting to hear an answer because of my impatience and want for instant gratification.

i quote kem meyer

“i’m so human.”


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