tis the season


the lenten season.

and finally, it means more than giving up chocolate.

i’m not going to go into all of lent.  if you’re reading this, you can just use the google feature on your internet machine to find a wiki entry on lent.

or you could just click this to find out.

this  year, sarah and i are denying ourselves the american, fast-food, blazing fast broadband instant gratification.

we aren’t eating anything that hasn’t been prepared by us.

that’s not entirely, true of course.  we’ll buy flour.  we can’t grow our own wheat to make it.  but i’m not buying my hot peanuts in the individual bag (not eco-friendly anyway…  but that’s another blog post).  i’m buying a bag of peanuts still in the shell, and opening them myself.

i’m not using biblegateway.  i’m looking it up myself.

there is probably more, but i can’t think of it right now.  i’m going to discover it in the next 40 days.

so today i’m documenting my fat tuesday.  that was yesterday for me.  and i chowed down.  i ate so much taco bell with a huge mountain dew…  i thought it was what i was supposed to do.

i lived it up.

we did have a homemade meal that night that wasn’t prepared by us, but i’d still consider that acceptable.  it wasn’t instant gratification.  we had to wait for charlie to finish it.  but what we did while the meal was being prepared was that we prepared for the meal ourselves.

tomorrow i’ll blog my ash wednesday thoughts.  it’s pretty amazing what i learned just overnight.

…more on this in 24 hours.


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